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So this happened
He’s so lovely!
I saw him wander past me and trailed behind a little (because oh my god he walks so fast)
I asked him if he was in a rush, he said he was but I asked him if I could just get a quick photo, I said I didn’t mind if he had to dash off
He said ‘Yeah, come on, walk with me.’
He got me to walk with him down the road so he wasn’t taking the picture I. The middle of the street
We walked until we found an entrance to a tattoo place and he said ‘Lets just pop in here.’
I apologised when I got my phone out because I was shaking so much I almost dropped it
He took the phone from me with a smile on his face and said ’ I’m a little less shaky, let me’
We were directly in the sun so he wrapped his arm around me and shuffled me around, he then started fixing his hair and saying he looked terrible. I obviously told him he didn’t and my hair was a mess
He then complimented my hair (he’s so lovely aaaa!!)
He got us in better lighting that was ‘more flattering’ and he said ‘that looks better, you see I’m older than you’
He then told me to have a nice day as he left and gave me a smile.

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